Everything old is new again… or did it just never stop? (1)

In June 2022, Christopher Cook reached out to IPFS:

— Christopher Cook (@webprofusion) June 7, 2022

That link is now gone, but at the time, @[email protected] replied to Cook:

Months later, @CEOemail commented:

There was no reply to that.

Today, DataBreaches received an email addressed to the administrator account.   The content was typical of phishing attempts in that it threatened a cutoff date for email services and provided a link to click to verify my identity in case they had made a mistake.

Somewhat amusingly, the “From” line in the email showed the sender as “Admin”<[email protected]>.

But if clicked, the validation link would have taken me to a url on IPFS.io. The url did not point to the exact same url that Cook reported last June, but the url pointed to the same directory as Cook had reported: https://ipfs.io/ipfs/

DataBreaches has sent an email to [email protected]:

Hi. I know IPFS was made aware of this security issue last June (a
thread on Twitter confirms that), but your domain appears to still be
used for phishing attacks. See forward below and attached for
screencap of email body.

The phishing link points to:

And please explain to me why the threat actors are still able to
misuse your domain.

Thank you.

DataBreaches awaits their reply.

Update March 22. IPFS.io has not replied, and two more phishing attempts have been received. These appear to be from DocuSign:

Phishing attempt appears to be from DocuSign but redirects to an IPFS.io link.

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