Everywhere you look, it seems schools are struggling with malware

Two more reports in my inbox, thanks to Russy:

MA:  Lynn Public Schools internet shut down due to virus:

A widespread computer virus has shut down the internet in Lynn Public Schools until further notice.

Yesterday, the administration was made aware of the virus at Lynn Classical, Lynn English, and a few of the elementary schools, according to Superintendent Patrick Tutwiler. Tim Roach, Dan McManus, and the rest of the Information Technology department were quick to respond and are diligently working to come up with a resolution.

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NM: Taos Municipal Schools District struggles to recover from ransomware attack

Taos Municipal Schools District  has been hard at work addressing a ransomware attack that knocked out the district’s digital services almost three weeks ago.

On Feb. 28, Taos Schools suffered a cyber attack, with hackers demanding $5,000 in cash as ransom for the return of the control to their digital services. Emails, class instruction and the district website were disabled as part of the attack, which has been mostly resolved according to school officials Thursday (March 21).

“Our IT department has been working 20 hour days to recreate our websites,” said Taos Superintendent Lilian Torrez, who said there’s no evidence personal information of students or staff was compromised.

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