Evite Confirms Data Breach After Hacker Sells User Data On Dark Web.

Catalin Cimpanu reports:

Evite, a social planning and e-invitations service, and one of the biggest sites on the Internet, has officially admitted to a security breach that ZDNet first reported back in April.

At the time, a hacker named Gnosticplayers put up for sale the customer data of six companies, including Evite.

The hacker claimed to be selling ten million Evite user records that included full names, email addresses, IP addresses, and cleartext passwords.

Now note the next bit especially carefully:

ZDNet reached out to notify Evite of the hack and that its data was being sold on the dark web on April 15; however, the company never returned our request for comment.

So two months after they were alerted to the sale of the data, Evite first issues an FAQ and statement?  Do consumers have a right to be angry about the delay in responding or commenting?  What do you think?

Read more on ZDNet.

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