Ex Employee Hacked and Defaced Crezone Technologies

content/images/gallery/random3/capture_4.png Crezone Technologies (https://crezonetech.com/) has been hacked by an ex employee who has personal problems with the company that lead back over a year ago. The hacker N30_H4X0R has left the following statement on pastebin, in which is admits hacking the site and admits they are an ex employee, which in all is a bit silly because its only just going to make it much easier for authorities to capture and charge this person with these attacks. At time of publishing the site was showing 404, The message in the release.

Crezone Technologies Hacked by N30_H4X0R Hi all, I was an employee of Crezone Technologies, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi branch. I am one of the persons who can take credit for making the company stand up. I worked hard Day and Night for the growth and succes of the company. But, as you all know, Internal Company Politics, I had to leave the company, proceed in my career with another reputed company. While leaving, some money was due on the company, and they assured me of returning the money, as soon as they will have enough. 1 year has passed, they are doing well, but yet I have not got my money back. In the circumstances, I was bound to hack them, to show my grievences against them. I don’t have any intention to personally hurt anyone, but as a company, they must feel the shame. The company in question must have figured me out. Thats good for them and me as well. I just want my money back, or this will happen again and again. One more thing, I would like to share with all IT employees and employers : Employees work hard, but are not given the appropriate recognition in terms of name, money , and respect. So, my dear IT worker friends, never trust anyone’s wors, always go for a proper terms and conditions documentation. And to all employers : I am just a beginer of Revolution. This will continue if you don’t change your ways, so beware of your deeds. For all of you, i share the permanent link of the deface. https://legend-h.org/mirror/573260/crezonetech.com/ Regards, N30_H4X0R

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