Ex-employee of Yahoo’s Forex broker YJFX stole clients’ data

Maria Nikolova of LeapRate reports that retail Forex broker YJFX, a subsidiary of Yahoo Japan Corporation, recently reported that a former employee stole more than 180,000 pieces of information about YJFX clients. The information ranged from transactions details to names of the clients and their bank account data.

The information taken by the former employee had reportedly been stored on a publicly available server and had been indexed by search engines. YJFX reportedly received notification of the breach from an external party of January 28 and began investigating and securing the removal of the data from public access and search engine indexing.

The types of information involved were summarized in a figure provided by Yahoo Japana, as below:


A report on the breach is available from Yahoo Japan, here (pdf).

Interestingly, YJFX also tweeted a link to their breach announcement from their @YJFXinc account on Feb. 2.

Update: original link to LeapRate deleted after it was discovered that site was serving malware.

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