Ex-Goldman Programmer Gets One Count Tossed in Case Over Software Theft

Patricia Hurtado and Bob Van Voris report:

Former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. computer programmer Sergey Aleynikov, accused of stealing trading software from the bank, won dismissal of a count of unauthorized computer access, one of three charges he faces….. [U.S. District Judge Denise] Cote said that because Aleynikov was authorized to work on Goldman’s software when he is alleged to have stolen a copy, he can’t be charged with unauthorized access.

If you’re wondering, as I was, whether a charge of exceeding authorized access might have found traction, the answer is apparently not — or at least as far as this judge is concerned:

“Unless an individual lacks authorization to access a computer system, or exceeds the authorization that has been granted, there can’t be a violation” of the law, Cote said.

Read more on Bloomberg.

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