Ex-officer sentenced in identity theft

Here’s a case where the misuse of a law enforcement database may have added to the sentencing. Matt Okamus provides a follow-up to a breach previously mentioned on this blog:

A former Montgomery Police Department officer was sentenced to 48 months in federal prison with two years of supervised release Wednesday, according to U.S. Attorney George Beck.

Sgt. Bradley Howard Pemberton, 41, was convicted in June of federal wire fraud and identity theft charges.

Pemberton stole his cousin’s identity by improperly accessing a law enforcement database.

Read more on Montgomery Advertiser.

I say “may have added to the sentence” because I’m not sure it did, even though Montgomery Department of Public Safety Director Chris Murphy is quoted as saying, “Today’s sentencing of Mr. Pemberton underscores the consequences when there is a violation of public trust in a position of such authority.”

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