Ex-partner of nurse suspected in murder of Chloe Makin pleads guilty to stealing cash-for-claims data (updated)

Mike Keegan provides an update on a breach mentioned yesterday on this blog:

A cash-for-claims agent whose nurse partner was found unconscious at the side of her murdered daughter has been fined after he admitted taking confidential patient data from her.

Martin Campbell, 31, obtained names and telephones of visitors to Moorgate Primary Care walk-in centre in Bury from his then girlfriend Dawn Makin, who worked there.

Campbell then called the patients and attempted to sign them up for Direct Assist, the company where he worked, in a bid to increase his pay check over a four-month period from December 2009.

Today he pleaded guilty to seven charges of knowingly obtaining personal data without the consent of the data controller under the Data Protection Act.

Campbell was fined £150 for each offence and ordered to pay costs of £1,160.


Ms Makin, who also passed on details of visitors to Prestwich walk-in centre, remains in hospital.

Read more on Manchester Evening News.

There is no press release up on the ICO’s web site at the time of this posting, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see one on this as a prosecution is very unusual.

Update: Here’s the press release from the ICO.


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