Executive Accounting Services notifies clients of security breach involving their personal and banking information

Executive Accounting Services, Inc.  is a Raleigh, North Carolina firm that provides payroll and tax preparation services to clients. As such, it maintains information on the clients’ employees, including names, postal and email addresses, checking and savings account numbers, telephone or cell numbers, and Social Security numbers.

On September 17, EAS was notified by some financial institutions that there had been suspicious activity on some of their clients’ accounts. EAS checked with its unnamed IT vendor, who assured EAS that there had been no compromise of their servers or system. In light of additional information EAS received, however,  EAS continued investigating and discovered that one of its servers had indeed been compromised. The compromise occurred on September 13.

EAS identified the port of entry and plugged the hole. They also brought in a forensics firm to investigate and ensure that their system is secure going forward.

Those affected were offered free services through Experian.

You can read their notification to the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office here.

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