Experiment: How easy it was for me to influence Anonymous hacktivists

Jesse William McGraw writes:

To say that we are living in a volatile time would be a brazen understatement. Since the onset of #OpRussia and successive operations, arguably the entire landscape of hacktivism has changed.

On February 25th, 2022, Anonymous officially declared war on Russia in response to the Russian-Ukrainian war. What I witnessed in the aftermath is disturbing.

When the declaration was published, hackers around the world united under the flag of Anonymous, knowing that what was about to take place would be big. We all sat from our respective anonymized corners of cyberspace and watched, or participated in, the aftermath of that declaration of war.

But what some people on the scene might not be privy to, is that we weren’t the only ones watching and participating. I don’t refer to governments in particular – on the contrary, there have been unknown actors secretly guiding the hand of Anonymous in its cyberwar efforts, and that is cause for alarm.

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