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Hi, First of i mite as well finally introduce myself considering i have had daily threats of being doxed. Well I am the sole everything for CyberWarNews, My name is Lee Johnstone, 28 from Sydney Australia, My IRL job is a mechanic/web development and also doing computer studies as well.Along the way of having this site i have come into many troubles, with a huge increase of traffic i had to get better hosting, which was provided by a good mate of mine and has since flowed very nice with many attempts to hack the site and or take it offline have so far failed, although my chat network ( yirc.net ) also came under many weekly attacks which was hosted on a VPS i was renting until yesterday, when i have finally decided to give up all this for now.Each day i deal with trolls, idiots, accusations and much more. Recently i got in the attention of Hollywood lawyers about leaks of a movie script which was the start of what has made me think is this really worth the trouble that its stirring. The risks i and my host have taken in having this website is fairly high and i have not at all been "anonymous", and i use that term in the way of being unknown or hidden. Many have asked via twitter why i am stopping publishing, the answer to that question is very simple, the effort i have to go through to bring good, real raw articles, information and or leaks is just to much and i can not be bothered with it any more. I have many more important things to do and a life to live as well. The site was never meant to be a professional outlet, or even have real articles, but more provide others with the information they need without all the bullshit that comes with a lot of other websites.Over the past weeks i have pushed myself to write and publish stuff and missed a crap load as well due to not wanting to publish it. Well now marks a new time and this is it, time to move on with my life. CyberWarNews was never anonymous or affiliated with any of the people, groups, hackers we have done reports on. As for the website it will stay up so these articles will be around as a historical listing, Anonymous articles will still be active, same with leaks but do not expect them to be published at any fast rate, if any at all. Its been a awesome fun time and i have met many nice and many strange people along the way, One day i mite come back or mite throw a article out if I’m totally bored, but do not be expecting anything any time soon. So i would like to thank many people and many other news outlets such as YourAnonNews, PressStorm,  VITB. Also i have become i guess some could say "friendly" with many of the hackers that i have done reports on, this is purely because the reports i have done are not media feed, they are raw information right from the hackers. Also a Huge shout out to all the 3400+ twitter followers, with out all of you this site would of been nothing, breaks my heart to do this to all of you but times call for a change. Once again thank you all.   Regards, take care. Lee.

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