Exposed Vulnerabilities on Sony Servers by @XTnR3v0LT

sony_logo Once again media giant Sony has come in sight and under attack by a hacker. This time hacker @XTnR3v0LT has found XSS Vulnerabilities on several Sony based sites and subdomains. XTnR3v0LT announced this today and there has been a claim of one on Sony’s main website ( but that has not been exposed as it was reported to them for reward. > @cyber_war_news @thehackersnewscheck your mail i send you #result of the first #sony exploit#opleak will move to @sony socity — XTnR3v0lT (@XTnR3v0LT) January 11, 2013

The other sites effected are, which all have possible XSS Vulnerabilities. @XTnR3v0LT was kind enough to send in some proof of the XSS as well. Its not the first time Sony pictures has come under attack with hackers setting sight on it in 2013 and many other operations and leaks that have come from Sony related servers over the passed 12 months. So its really any wonder why Sony allows websites to have these issues when they have already been shown time and time again that it always ends bad for them. On another note @XTnR3v0LT has been on a spree with Opleak over the past weeks and all results can be found on 

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