Facebook condemns European data protection fines

Antony Savvas reports that Facebook is warning EU data protectors that companies may start court battles if they are fined 2% of their global turnover for a data breach. They also raise a host of other concerns and objections to the draft proposal. Facebook’s response to the draft regulations was obtained under a freedom of information request.


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  1. IA Eng - November 20, 2012

    Eh? Facebook has a right to voice their opinion, but commmon, are they trying to incite something here ? They are bumping heads against a Country which is probably not a good idea. Unless they have some sort of holding there, or a major concern that they may someday fall victim to paying a large sum of cash for a breach.

    I can see the kingpin of Facebook offering his opinions under his own name, but using the facebook cover could very well aggrievate many people into an almost uncontrollable nightmare.

    Maybe this is the way Facebook is heading to drum up negative business – Almost Hollywood style.

    • admin - November 20, 2012

      They are not dealing with just one country, but the entire EU. And yes, they are under EU law as they have a headquarters in Dublin.

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