Faculty Experts, University of Arkansas Hacked, Personal Information Leaked By @s3rverexe

@s3rverexe  has just announce a hack on the University of Arkansas Faculty Experts domain (https://experts.uark.edu/) which is a site that allows students to speak with experts from certain fields.

s3rver.exe ‏@s3rverexe#hacked https://www.experts.uark.edu https://pastebin.com/NwWYFahGRT!

The leaked data was uploaded to pastebin and contains the vulnerably links, database information as well as a dump of user accounts and personal information from users of the site. https://ozdc.net/archives.php?aid=2179 https://pastebin.com/NwWYFahG

About the author: Lee J

Security Analyst, Developer, OSINT, https://www.ctrlbox.com

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