Fair Political Practices Commission Leaks from Connexion Hack

Connexion hacks team has been busy today with a leaked database from the Fair Political Practices comminssion.

They have released the following statement. Dear Internetz, Our name is the Connexion Hack Team. We have hacked your website, https://www.ffpc.ca.gov because it needed to have a checkup with the SecDoctors. We have found many errors with your website and agree to tell them to you via twitter, @Connexion_Lulz. We also want everyone reading this to note that it was uswho hacked them, and not some random person who copied everything and said it was theirs. We believe that all information that is hidden should be open to everyone. Even more so, since this is a government related site. To prove that we hacked your website, we provided a table below of all the candidates, administration info,and the list of donators and who they donated to. We have done all this attempt to show the people the corrupt governments of the world. You may not be a government but you have connections. So therefore, we shall disrupt the internet ocean, revolutionise the world, all in the name of #AntiSec. So that is all we have to say at the moment. Please enjoy and definently talk to us on Twitter. Regards,

Link to original paste When i checked the website it was offline.   ffpc.ca.gov tango down

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