Fairmont Medical Center fires 6 employees for snooping

A few weeks ago, the Mayo Clinic fired an employee who had been snooping in patient records for years.   Now Meg Alexander reports that Fairmont Medical Center – Mayo Health has fired six employees for breaching patient confidentiality:

Six employees have been fired by Fairmont Medical Center because of a breach in patient confidentiality, according to a written statement from the health care organization.

Mayo Health System recently was notified that some of its employees may have inappropriately accessed the personal health information of one patient.

“An employee alerted leadership, and that employee … did the right thing,” said Jason Howland, communications coordinator.

An internal review was immediately launched, and it was determined six employees, those who have been fired, had violated policy protecting confidential personal health information, the statement said.

Read more in the Fairmont Sentinel.  It seems that all six had inappropriately accessed the same patient’s records, but the reason for their curiosity was not revealed.

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