Fast food Giant Pizza hut Spain and Malta Hacked, Data leaked, Site Redirected

hacked-by-turkish-ajan Today hackers from known hacker collective Turkish Ajan hacker group have posted data from the fast food giant Pizza hut. The leak was announced from the official Turkish Ajan hackers twitter account earlier in the day and as normal the data was posted to speedy share but has since been removed. twitter-turkishajan-pizzahut-spainmalta-hacked   The hackers have also left a page  ( on the Spain based website affected with a redirect to an older archive pages of a defacement. The data leak came in a compressed rar file with 2 folders in it from the Spain based site’s database and one from the Malta based site’s database. The leak mainly contains client and mailing list details with personal information that totals over 7000 all together. See here for full details of the leak.

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