Faxes containing patient data breached from Roper Hospital (Updated)

On Feb. 28, a media report, noted on this blog, indicated that a man in Oregon kept receiving faxes with patient data. When he tracked the number down, it seemed that the faxes came from Community Memorial Hospital in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. Contacted by TMJ4 News, the hospital told the reporter that United Healthcare was behind the breach. But were they?

Even thought Froedtert Health, which operates Community Memorial Hospital, did not seem to dispute that the faxes came from their number, today, Cuthbert Langley of News2 reports that News2 tracked the phone number to Roper Hospital on Calhoun Street in downtown Charleston.

So my first question is whether the faxes came from Community Memorial Hospital in Wisconsin or Roper Hospital in South Carolina. Or was there more than one fax number involved? [Update – it was both hospitals].

And it’s still not clear whether the misdirected faxes were intended for United Healthcare but misdelivered because United Healthcare gave out the wrong fax number, or the error was on others’ parts.

Very confusing reporting on this one.

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