Fayetteville School District employees victims of id theft

40/29 reports that 30 Fayetteville School District employees have had their Social Security numbers compromised. All of the victims are certified staff members who work for the Fayetteville School District. The district has as yet no idea how the breach occurred or precisely what information was obtained. They also report that:

So far, all the victims are employees with state certification, such as teachers, counselors and librarians. Also, all the victims have last names between the letters A and G, so the thieves might have only gained access to part of the district’s data.

The Associated Press points out another common denominator among victims:

Wilbourn said the common element among those victimized is that all were registered with a company that provides health and dental insurance and other benefits to employees and former employees of the district. He says not all of the victims have the same benefits, but all are registered with that company.

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