FBI Takes Down a Russian-Based Hacker Platform; Arrests Suspected Russian Site Administrator

First they arrested the suspected administrator on March 7. Today, they shut down the platform. From DOJ:

A Russian-based cyber platform known as DEER.IO was shut down by the FBI today, and its suspected administrator – alleged Russian hacker Kirill Victorovich Firsov – was arrested and charged with crimes related to the hacking of U.S. companies for customers’ personal information.

DEER.IO was a Russian-based cyber platform that allowed criminals to purchase access to cyber storefronts on the platform and sell their criminal products or services.  DEER.IO started operations as of at least October 2013, and claimed to have over 24,000 active shops with sales exceeding $17 million. The platform was shut down pursuant to a seizure order issued by the Southern District of California Court.

Read more of the Department of Justice’s press release.

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