FBI warned Year Ago of impending Malware Attacks—But Didn’t Share Info with Sony

Jana Winter reports:

Nearly one year before Sony was hacked, the FBI warned that U.S. companies were facing potentially crippling data destruction malware attacks, and predicted that such a hack could cause irreparable harm to a firm’s reputation, or even spell the end of the company entirely.  The FBI also detailed specific guidance for U.S companies to follow to prepare and plan for such an attack.

But the FBI never sent Sony the report.

Read more on The Intercept.

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  1. David - December 24, 2014

    Wasn’t exactly a secret document: “Multiple sources familiar with the report and FBI channels for distribution said only if members of their IT department were members of the voluntary organization Infragard, which also received the report, would they have even seen it at all.”

    We’ve got it here in Alamo City, lots of folk.

    If Sony doesn’t have a Security officer participating in Infragard, shame on them! Much more likely that they do, and they got the report, sent it upstairs for action where it withered… If they bothered at all. Come on! These folk had huge files, unprotected, called “password” and among the common passwords was “Sony01” We are not speaking of a duly diligent corporate culture… More like one of “willful neglect.”

    • Dissent - December 25, 2014

      That’s an interesting question for discovery in the litigation – whether they got the report.

    • Anonymous - December 28, 2014

      InfraGuard is a great organization.

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