FBI’s Comey: Businesses need to tell us if they’ve been breached

Chris Bing reports:

FBI Director James Comey wants to see private businesses report data breach incidents and other detected cyber intrusions directly to the Bureau more than they are already doing so.


The FBI director explained that the Bureau’s strategy to increase cooperation will center on four missions: partner outreach and education, establishing trusted relationships, working to minimize the disruption felt by both a company’s employees and customers, and keeping all investigations private by securely holding and not disclosing internal enterprise data publicly.

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Pardon me while I spit.

What kind of “partnership” is it, Mr. Comey, if when the FBI is notified of a hack, it refuses to reach out to alert the hacked entity? If FBI field offices take the position that their role is to take in information, but that they do not alert entities of breaches that they learn about, why should anyone inform the FBI of cybercrimes they learn about?

Don’t know what I’m talking about, Mr. Comey? Get the phone recordings from your Baltimore field office from last night. It will become quite clear.


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  1. Justin Shafer - August 30, 2016

    Nathan Hawk if you are reading this, your boss just admitted I am right.


  2. Billy Reuben - August 31, 2016

    Not to mention Mr. Comey has a credibility problem when it comes to enforcing the law fairly and impartially. Jus’ sayin’.

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