Federal Accounts Leaked As Preview for upcoming leak by @le4ky

EX-UGNAZI member @le4ky or CyberZeist has announce that he has leaked a list of FBI accounts as part of an upcoming leak.

CyberZeist ‏@le4ky 250+ Federal Accounts Leaked – https://pastebin.com/yhF596Fn #SneakPeak of a forthcoming mass #gov leak!

The leak was uploaded to pastebin and has also been mirrored on leakster.net contains the below message which says that there is more to come.

This federal account release is not a result of some fancy and HiFi hack, its a result of a common flaw in human factor – Trust These all federal accounts were jacked by using a simple method known as "Spear Phishing"! These accounts are just a half part of a forthcoming #gov #leak.

At the end of the leak is a further message saying that all emails belonging to those leaked will soon be released.

*an ID repeating twice or more means the user has logged in twice with different passwords *Emails retrieved from these mails will be published very soon. -CyberZeist [Against Corruption, Again] (twitter.com/le4ky)

The leak contains just under 300 accounts with passwords and many of these appear to of been leaked before at some stage. https://ozdc.net/archives.php?aid=2397 https://pastebin.com/yhF596Fn

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