Feds begin HIPAA probe in Cincinnati

Evan Schuman reports an update to a breach where a woman’s syphilis diagnosis was posted online:

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services has launched a federal probe into HIPAA privacy violations at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, according to an HHS spokesperson.


The investigation began last week after Healthcare IT News contacted HHS to ask about the incident. HHS spokesperson Rachel Seeger also said that the incident — which resulted in the hospital firing the employee shortly after the hospital learned of the incident and an imminent lawsuit — should have been reported to the HHS Office for Civil Rights before March 1, 2014. Late last week, Seeger said, “This is the first that we have heard of that incident.”

The hospital’s response? The University of Cincinnati Medical Center had indeed reported the incident to the government long before the March 1, 2014, deadline and has the proof that it filed, according to hospital spokesperson Diana Maria Lara.

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  1. Anonymous - July 13, 2014

    Female nurses violate patients hipaa privacy and physical privacy all the time. Just ask most male patients.

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