Feds: Former dean hacked into system, sent students e-mail threats

Natasha Korecki reports on a wild case in the federal courts:

It was 2007 when Kaplan University students received a disturbing message in their e-mail inboxes.

“YOU ARE F—–!” was the subject heading. And it was signed by the head of the online school.

“Your schools (sic) Web site has been Hacked!” the e-mail threatened. “All of your personal information . . . will now be used to ruin your credit, take out credit cards in your name and pay for on-line gambling.”

The e-mail emerged in a dramatic trial that unfolded over the last two weeks in the Dirksen federal courthouse.

Prosecutors allege it was sent by former Kaplan Dean of Legal Studies Bennie Wilcox, who is accused of boiling over and hacking into the school’s e-mail system after he was let go from his $111,000-a-year job.


Defense attorney Beau Brindley argued that Wilcox was framed.

Read more on Chicago Sun-Times.  It seems clear that someone accessed and misused the university’s database.  But who?

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