Feds Raided Another Chicago Home in Nude Celeb Hack Investigation, Still No Charges Pressed

Sam Biddle reports:

In the summer of 2014, anonymous hackers flooded the internet with private nude photos of major (and minor) celebrities. Two years later, new details show the FBI thinks they identified Jennifer Lawrence’s hacker. But no one’s facing charges.

[…]… court documents obtained by Gawker, including a search warrant and sworn affidavit, show that the FBI had another suspect in the breaches. In October of 2014, the FBI fingered Ed Majerczyk, another Chicago man with a similar laundry list of cloud-based invasions.

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  1. Billy Rubin - January 19, 2016

    Is this because the purpose of the raids is not to collar the offender, but to obtain the content for private and personal consumption?

    • Dissent - January 19, 2016

      This site’s readers are so…. cynical. 🙂

  2. IA Eng - January 19, 2016

    I look at this as an epic FAIL for the people who were “exposed”. I mean, commmmon….. Your a celeb, and you honestly think that there won’t be some sort of snooping for their dirty laundry ? Your trusting your most intimate moments won’t be filtered through by staff or a lucky hacker? No fear of trojans (virus types – probably other versions too ), malware, rootkits or if a personal electronic device is stolen.

    I guess it is one way for some one to get back into the spotlight in a negative sort of way. The hollywood headlines used to be laced with break ups or divorces to catch the news. Now its improperly stowed files that are leaked. The juicer they are per se, the more they are drug around in the mud. I don’t know if any of these happening ever landed a star a new opportunity on the silver screen, but its worth digging, if some one is into that sort of thing.

    Only one celeb pic I stumbled across in the past made me go…WOW…. I didn’t expect to see such an abundance of somethings. Other than that, most I tend to steer away from these. By the time the news splatters their waste all over the net, the hackers are duplicating most websites and tainting them with poisoned photos. If you visit a malicious website thinking its a legit one, your going to get more than an eyeful, your getting some really nasty potentially undetected (at least for a few days) malware.

    Sorry….I am a sucker for Readheads. =X

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