Feds: Wi-Fi hacking burglars targeted dozens of Seattle-area businesses (updated)

Levi Pulkkinen reports:

A federal grand jury has indicted three Seattle men accused of hacking the wireless networks of more than a dozen businesses to steal money and employees’ personal information.

Also claiming the trio was behind 41 burglaries, federal prosecutors contend Joshuah A. Witt, Brad E. Lowe and John E. Griffin used the fruits of their network break-ins to further the crime spree, which allegedly ran from April 2008 to at least until Witt and Lowe were arrested in December.


From April 2008 until December 2010, they stole data from at least 13 Seattle-area businesses while also burglarizing at least 41 businesses in the same region, according to the indictment unsealed Monday. That indictment followed on related state charges against Lowe and Witt.

Federal prosecutors claim the men sold stolen information – employees names, birth dates and Social Security numbers, as well as the businesses financial information – to others who would open credit card accounts.

Read more on Seattle PI. Not all the affected businesses were named, but the Concur Technologies breach, reported previously on this blog, was specifically mentioned.

Update:  Associated Press also covered the news, and from their reporting mentioning Jeff Eby, it sounds like Washington Research Foundation was one of the entities also hit.

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