FeverClan responds to notification of claimed breach

A claimed breach involving gaming community FeverClan, announced on Twitter last night, has FeverClan in response mode.

@Allergically announced the hack:



It appears that @Pr0jekkt is taking credit for it:

The screencap shows that the data include usernames, passwords, password dates, email addresses, and other user information.

Despite the fact that FeverClan has a Twitter account and they were online earlier today, I did not see any notice on their site, so contacted them through their site to ask about the claimed hack.

Within hours, DataBreaches.net received a reply from Ryan Rosso (aka “Bogo”):

Thank you for the information and the heads up. It appears to be one of our database’s. We have and are currently going through precautionary measures to ensure the safely of all of our guests and users. We are all about transparency in everything we do at FeverClan, so we are going to insure that everyone has been informed the best we can.

And just as promptly, there was a notice posted on the site:

There was a user database breach the resulted in the following information being ‘stolen’ The main thing is EMAIL ADDRESSES username passsword email userid fevercoins etc.

Likely due to Vbulletin hack a few days ago

THIS BREACH DID NOT INCLUDE ACTUAL PASSWORDS .. it only included salted and hashed passwords.

However we took further security steps to harden our site and made sure all plugins are up to date.

If you have questions please post them here

And that, folks, is how you respond promptly to a notification.

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