FI: Patients' sensitive information is still falling into wrong hands

More on the Data Protection findings in Finland that I’ve mentioned in a few previous posts.

Marjo Valtavaara describes some of the breaches:

The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa was under a special surveillance by the Data Protection Ombudsman for a year, after it had been revealed that unauthorised people had gained access to sensitive medical records.

Two large training events on the issue were organised in the hospital district, while at the same time, the monitoring of log records was stepped up.

The City of Oulu was recently reprimanded by the Data Protection Ombudsman for the unlawful use of patients’ medical records.

The city had been going through private medical records for a project, in which persons suffering from Type-2 diabetes who frequently use health services were sought in order to develop a personal nurse service.

An employee involved in the project filed an official complaint to the Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman.

Health Director Keijo Koski regards the Data Protection Ombudsman’s reprimands as conflicting and has asked them to be defined more closely.

Read more on Helsingin Sanomat.

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