FIFA Ticketing Partner in Security Breach

From the not-very-sportsman-like dept.

FIFA [Fédération Internationale de Football Association] is liaising with its official ticketing partner Match after a massive security breach compromised the details of 80,000 of its customers, including Sweden’s former Prime Minister and the head of Norway’s national bank.

An investigation by the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet reveals that confidential lists with personal data – including full name, date of birth and passport number – of at least 80,000 Match customers has been sold onto the black market.

The information also included detailed information about which games the customers had tickets to, and where they were seated.

The newspaper published emails from a Match employee offering the information to well-known figures in the international ticketing black market.


The unfaithful employee offered the lists in April 2009, quoting €2.50 per contact. More than 80,000 names and details were allegedly leaked, three quarters of which included full datasets.

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