Fight or flight; Woman ordered to open medical files in order to fly home

Jordan Press writes in The Kingston Whig-Standard:

A Kingston woman who had to hand over personal medical records to get on an Air Canada flight home was expected to finally arrive some time last night.

Patricia Whiteside-Bell stood in line ready to head through the metal detectors at the airport in Fort McMurray, Alta., Saturday night, when she felt she was about to collapse.

Whiteside-Bell has narcolepsy, a condition that causes people to seem like they have suddenly fallen asleep. In her case, the condition causes her to collapse.

She went to the emergency room that night, but when she tried to board a flight the next day, she was denied passage. The airline required her to present the report from her trip to the emergency room. She was told neither a note from the emergency room doctor who saw her after her episode nor a note from her physician in Kingston was sufficient.

Full story – The Kingston Whig-Standard

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