Filipino Telecom giant Globe leaks customer registration data

Ray Walsh reports:

Online reports have emerged that Filipino telecoms Globe Telecom Inc. has experienced a widespread data blunder.

The major telecoms provider has allegedly leaked customer’s private details to fellow customers via email.  The firm, one of the most popular in the Philippines, has around 60 million customers.

On Friday, January 28, a string of complaints began appearing on Globe’s #talktoglobe Twitter hashtag. According to furious customers, Globe mistakenly sent out their personal registration details to other customers via email. Customers first realized something was wrong when they received an email containing somebody else’s personal account details.

One globe customer going by the Twitter handle @rennyjr0528 said:

“I received this message from @enjoyGLOBE And registered knowing that its a legit link since it came from them. After that, an email was sent to me with someone else’s personal information! This is against the data privacy act! Hello Globe!?? What the **** is this???”

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As of today, there’s an update:

The National Privacy Commission on Tuesday said it is investigating a “personal data” breach affecting 8,851 customers of Globe Telecom.

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