Final Warning to Anonymous Indonesia From Anonymous Australia re: #OpAustralia Well its come to this, Australian Anons have tonight released a video that is set as a final warning to the Indonesian hackers over on going cyber attacks on Australian  private sites. Anonymous Australia tonight made the following video explaining that they do not want a cyber war with fellow anons and have once again asked them to back off from attacking based websites. Videos description.

Anonymous Indonesia. We have asked you to stop attacking random Australian websites and focus your attacks on the government instead. For awhile you stopped however the attacks have been happening again. This is your final warning from us, we ask you to stop. ASIO, ASIS and DSD are the main Australian spy agencies. These should be your targets.

It comes not much longer after my last article about these on going attacks in which some of the Indonesian hackers attempted to tango down last night but failed to do so and continued back on to defacing private websites.

TRANSCRIPT: Anonymous Indonesia. You have not stopped your attacks against the Australian public where we have tried to plea with you. These websites that you have been attacking are not affiliated with the Australian government and need to be left alone. What is there to prove? We do not want a cyber war, do you? Below will be a list of websites that have been associated with the government spying and they should be your main targets. We have been patient with you, Anonymous Indonesia. There will be no more warnings if you choose to attack again. ASIO, DSD and ASIS are the main Australian intelligence agencies who should be your main priority and NOT the Australian public. Anonymous Indonesia. This is your final warning. We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget.

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