Finland: Patient records illegally accessed at Helsinki hospital

Yle Etela-Karjala reports:

Haartman hospital in Helsinki has uncovered the theft of hundreds of patients’ medical records. A temporary secretary at the hospital gained unauthorised access to the electronic records of nearly two hundred patients.


Haatrman hospital employed the worker for four months in the spring of 2010. When the data protection breaches were discovered, the hospital fired the secretary.


Both Haartman hospital and the police have known about the data breach for over a year. The criminal investigation is ongoing.

One week ago the hospital sent a letter of apology to the patients concerned.

”Helsinki health services decided to notify all those whose names we know,” said Haartman hospital’s Chief Physician, Jukka Toivonen. ”Altogether 188 of these letters have been sent.”

”We have no information about the motive,” says Toivonen. ”It could have been just rach curiosity. Police are investigating this too.”

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