Fired employee sues SF State for $1 million after alleged hack

Golden Gate Express reports on a lawsuit stemming from a breach you may not have heard about:

A former SF State information security officer claimed in a lawsuit that she was fired in a University attempt to sweep “under the rug” a 2014 hack involving a significant student records breach including financial records and password reset functions.

“We’ve had minor cases,” former employee Mignon Hofmann said of her work at SF State. “This was the most severe case I’ve ever seen.”

The suit, filed in January at the San Francisco Superior Court, accused the University and Board of Trustees of California State University of wrongful termination and whistleblower retaliation. Hofmann is asking for more than $1 million in lost pension, lost past and future earnings and emotional distress, according to court documents.

The University confirmed in a written statement that there was a “security incident in which information that was publicly available was potentially accessed,” but “because there was no breach of personal data, students were not notified and students have no reason to be concerned about their personal information.”

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