Fired Network Administrator Takes Revenge in a Most Obvious Manner

Lauren J. Young reports:

When PA Online, a former internet service provider based in Enola, Pennsylvania, fired its network administrator Dariusz Prugar in 2010, he left with a serious grudge. There would be revenge.

Just days after Prugar was fired for personnel issues, PA Online noticed that its computers and web services were failing.

Prugar, a 32-year-old from Syracuse, New York (his LinkedIn page is still up, by the way), still had the company’s network codes, so he hacked its computer network and wiped files and directories — which caused the whole network to crash. He also left behind “backdoor” entry points so he could get back into the network in the event that he wanted to wreak more havoc.

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  1. Maddie - March 31, 2016

    Instead of wasting his time on revenge, he could have used it to find another job and be more productive. He just wasted his talent.

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