Firewalls Don’t Stop Hackers. AI Might.

Scott Rosenberg reports:

The cybersecurity industry has always had a fortress mentality: Firewall the perimeter! Harden the system! But that mindset has failed—miserably, as each new headline-generating hack reminds us. Even if you do patch all your software, the way Equifax didn’t, or you randomize all your passwords, the way most of us don’t, bad actors are going to get past your heavily guarded gate, into your network. And once they do, they’re free to go wild.

That’s why some in the industry are beginning to focus less on sealing borders from outside threats and more on sensing bad behavior inside as it happens—when it can be stopped.

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  1. ECA - September 27, 2017

    tHERE ARE many ways to do many things..
    AUTOMATION can only go so far..

    Haveing a system that REPORTS THINGS for a human is great..And the human can ASK the right questions of the computers..

    Breaking information into Sections, is Fantastic and can do many thing beyond Security.

    Verify, the CLIENT is simple, old, and Advanced NOW.. Just cause someone has a name and password, means little…IF you cant Verify the hardware, IS SUPPOSED to be the one contacting the system.

    System TIERED security is easy to create…Tiered login, 2-3 part verification IS SIMPLE..

    TEACHING people to use a GOOD password is hard, but Inserting it into a PRIVATE BROWSER, is..

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