Fitness Depot hit by data breach after ISP fails to ‘activate the antivirus’

Sergiu Gatlan reports that Canadian retailer Fitness Depot has disclosed a breach of their e-commerce platform that affected consumers’ personal and financial information.

Gatlan reports:

Based on the info in the breach notification letter the company sent to all potentially impacted individuals, the attack has all the signs of a textbook Magecart attack where the threat actors were able to compromise Fitness Depot’s online store and inject a malicious form designed to harvest and exfiltrate customer information.

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  1. NextB123 - June 6, 2020

    Hi there!

    Thank you for posting about this. I was one of many who was affected by this breach. I’ve spoken to my lawyer and he mentioned that if we can get atleast 12 signatures we can proceed with a class action lawsuit against Fitness Depot. I’ve started a petition for all those who were affected, please sign if you were affected.

    [url removed by — this site cannot be used to recruit people for lawsuits.]

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