Five Dollars Buys Man Hundreds of Private Medical Records

Medical records are supposed to be between a person and their doctor, but a Maryland man suddenly found himself the owner of hundreds of patients’ most private information.

Inside a unit at the Fort Knox storage facility, there’s a potential gold mine of information, including boxes of people’s medical records. On man unwittingly bought all of it for five dollars.

“Now because I own them, and I don’t know what to do with them.”


All of the records from Mitchellville’s Atlantic Chiropractic Office, dating from the mid-90’s. The records were all unexpectedly person with social security numbers, medical histories and billing information listed.


The owner of Atlantic Chiropractic, Dr. Douglas Weaver, said he wouldn’t explain on camera, but he told an ABC 7/NewsChannel 8’s Emily Schmidt he forgot the medical records were in the unit. He moved them there years ago after buying the practice from Dr. Steven Vaughn, whose name was on actually on all the records.

Full story – ABC

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