FL: 14-year-old arrested after hacking into FCAT

For those not familiar with it, FCAT is the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, a standardized test for assessing student performance. 

WTSP reports:

A 14-year-old student at Paul R. Smith Middle School was arrested Wednesday after investigators say he hacked into the school’s computer system and accessed the server containing 2014 FCAT information.

In addition, the student also used the administrative access to take control of a teacher’s computer during class and displayed an image of two men kissing, disrupting classroom activities.

Read more on WTSP. I understand why they did not name the student, but am puzzled that they uploaded the complaint affidavit that shows the student’s physical description, his date of birth, and his mother’s full name and address.

And it’s a shame the news team didn’t ask the school some hard questions about how the student was able to gain administrative access. What does this say about their infosecurity?

Update: More details have emerged. Follow me to this post.

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