FL: 18,000 SWFL credit cards for sale on ‘Hackers’ Amazon’

Jim Spiewak reports:

Thousands of stolen credit card numbers from Southwest Florida are currently being shopped online to whoever cares to buy them from hackers.

It’s the information from the black magnetic strip on the back of your cards.

“Instead of thinking, ‘It’s not going to be me,’ the odds are it is going to be you,” said computer forensics expert Mark Lanterman.

That’s not what you want to hear from the man who can see that your credit card numbers are up for grabs to the highest bidder.

“There’s evidence of over 100 million credit cards being sold,” Lanterman said.


The average card sells for about $30. Cheaper ones run about $7, for a gift card, while platinum American Express cards go for about $200.

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