FL: Broward Sheriff’s Office used restricted federal crime databases to investigate civil jurors

Bob Norman reports on what sounds like misuse of crime databases by the Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO):

Juror No. 6 said she was just doing her civic duty in the trial of Broward Sheriff’s Office whistleblower Jeffrey Kogan, which ended in the deputy’s favor. But now, Broward Sheriff Scott Israel is accusing her of misconduct and asking for a mistrial after his agency found out she failed to disclose that one of her children had been arrested for DUI back in 2007.


But a key question in the case wasn’t so much whether BSO should have known about those arrests, but how the agency got the information in the first place. It was revealed that BSO employees ran the names of jurors and their relatives through restricted law enforcement databases, including the FBI-run NCIC, DAVID and the Department of Vital Statistics. All are databases that are supposed to be used only in conjunction with criminal investigations, not citizens engaging in jury service.

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