FL: Customers worry credit card information was stolen at Fort Myers restaurant

Katie Jones reports:

Some customers at Mona Lisa Italian Restaurant in Fort Myers are worried their credit card information was compromised after swiping at the popular Southwest Florida restaurant.

“We go all the time and never had a problem they know us, we know them, so it was just a very odd thing to happen,” customer Chrissy Martin said.

Martin says she noticed a series of charges, adding up to almost $300 on her bank statement. She said they were made out of state and she had nothing to do with them.

Martin said several of her friends, including employees at Fox 4, had the same issue. She said they all had one thing in common, their debit cards were used at Mona Lisa on the same night last week.

Read more on Fox4. The restaurant is investigating the situation and has not yet confirmed or denied any problem.

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