FL: Employees’ Personal Info Found In Trash

An employee taking out the trash at a Southside office plaza found boxes of employees’ W-2 forms, copies of their driver’s licenses, Social Security cards and other personal information, all from the tax company Jackson Hewitt.

Cynthia Kessler said she found out Monday some of her personal information, including her Social Security number, driver’s license copy and signature, were among the thousands of documents found in a Dumpster behind the tax services building.

This is not the first time we’ve seen a breach involving Jackson Hewitt and paper records. It’s the third one since 2008, although the three incidents involved different franchises in different states.

The Jackson Hewitt corporate office released this statement Monday evening:

“Earlier today, a former independently owned and operated Jackson Hewitt franchisee, Steve Burnett, who exited the franchise system in August 2009, apparently relied on his own assistance in disposing of old documents that consisted of information pertaining to his former direct employees and others.


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