FL: Ex-employee accused of hacking into loan company’s computers, stealing data

News-Press.com reports:

A former employee of Home Lynx Home Loans on College Parkway is accused of hacking into the company’s computer system and stealing confidential customer information, potential customer lists and marketing material.

The former employee, whose name was not available in the sheriff’s report, was terminated in June.

The owner of the company told Lee County Sheriff’s deputies on Thursday that customers from the stolen lists have already closed on loans with the former employee’s new company.


In related coverage, NBC reports:

Bryan Howell, the owner of Home Lynx Home Loans, said an employee who left the company on June 1, had gained unauthorized access to their computer systems and obtained confidential customer info, potential customer lists and company marketing materials worth $16,000, reports said.

Howell told deputies the former employee forwarded items to himself and others without permission.

Well, was it a hack or was it “unauthorized access” but they never changed passwords or blocked his access after he left the company, or….?

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