FL: Hernando college student charged with hacking accounts

Kathryn Varn reports:

Pasco-Hernando State College student Amanda Yost blamed her boyfriend when she noticed that emails went missing on her account with the learning management website the school uses. He liked to play World of Warcraft on her Asus laptop, and Yost, 20, thought the game had introduced a virus.

But after a multiweek investigation, Hernando County sheriff’s detectives discovered that the hacker was a criminal justice technology student at the college named Allen Lockser.

Deputies reported that Lockser, 21, hacked into 20 students’ accounts on Canvas, a site where students submit assignments and complete assessments, according to an arrest report. No personal information was compromised, but he submitted quizzes and deleted assignments, discussion posts and emails on five students’ accounts.

Read more on Tampa Bay Times.

From the report, he was not a very savvy or high-tech hacker, leaving a digital trail a mile wide, and using brute-force methods on passwords.  Of concern, perhaps, he was also employed at a  public middle school. There is no report as to whether they have conducted any forensics on their system to see if he did any hacking there, too.

h/t, SC Magazine

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