FL: Hospital report out on shark victim photos (updated)

Bryan Garner reports:

Martin Memorial completed an internal investigation regarding a privacy breach involving Stephen Schafer, a victim of a fatal shark attack on Feb. 3.


Martin Memorial officials received a tip that hospital employees and possibly others took cell phone pictures of Schafer’s dead body and mailed them to others in violation of his privacy rights.

They don’t know what happened to the pictures or who they may have been mailed to.

“We have determined that these inappropriate actions were taken by good people who exercised poor judgment,” said Miguel Coty VP/Chief Marketing Communications Officer at Martin Memorial Health Systems.


…. some employees received warnings, suspensions, demotions and loss of position.

Read more on WPTV.

Update: The Palm Beach Post has an editorial that expresses the desire for more transparency on Martin Memorial’s part about the incident and how the employees were handled.

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