FL: Laptop theft results in data breach for P.K. Yonge employees, students

From the University of Florida:

The personal information of more than 8,300 current and former students and employees of P.K. Yonge Development Research School was on a laptop computer stolen last month.

P.K. Yonge is a kindergarten-through-grade-12 laboratory school affiliated with University of Florida’s College of Education.

The computer files contained employee payroll, employee parking permit and student information dating back to 2000 and included names, Social Security numbers and, in some cases, Florida driver’s license numbers. Officials have confirmed that no student academic or medical records were on the computer. Also, no credit card information was on the computer.

This week, school officials mailed letters to 841 people explaining that their information was included in the breach. Additional letters will be mailed next week once names and addresses are matched with Social Security and driver’s license numbers. School officials have determined contact information may not be available for everyone with information on the computer.

“We regret that this incident occurred and are working diligently to notify the people who may be impacted by this theft,” P.K. Yonge Director Fran Vandiver said.

The laptop computer was stolen July 23 from a P.K. Yonge employee’s rental car in San Francisco. The theft was reported to California police and later to the University of Florida Police Department. The computer files were protected with passwords, but school officials have no way of knowing if the information was accessed.


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