FL: Records from defunct finance firm exposed after company closes and leaves them behind

Vic Micolucci reports on yet another case where records with personally identifiable information are left behind – and then disposed of improperly – when a business closes:

Hundreds of pages of personal information, including credit card numbers and Social Security numbers, were found in a Jacksonville dumpster behind a business on San Juan Avenue and Blanding Boulevard……. The documents include check numbers, banking account numbers, credit card numbers, and Social Security numbers.


The common denominator on the papers was a company called H&P Capital.

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So the owner of the company that moved into that space found boxes of documents in the attics and hired someone to get rid of them. The new owner didn’t check to see whether the documents contained identity information, and merely arranged for T-N-T Movers to get rid of the all the papers.

But what does a job order to get rid of cartons of papers translate to? Does it mean that the contract is satisfied if the cartons are dumped in a nearby dumpster? Do the documents need to be shredded or pulped?

And how is any of this the new owner’s responsibility or the moving company’s responsibility? It was – and should have remained – the responsibility of H&P Capital. Did News4Jax I-Team try to track down the owners of H&P Capital? It’s not like the state would actually do anything, but let’s keep the responsible parties accountable. Yes, it would have been nice if the new owner and/or movers noticed the problem, but when all is said and done, this goes back to H&P Capital.

Update: A little searching on my part revealed that the President of H&P Capital while it was at the 7960 Baymeadows address in Jacksonville was one Noel Pooler. Further, H&P Capital and Noel Pooler appear to have been sued a number of times over collection practices.


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