FL: Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point hospital mailing error exposes patient records

This “human error” thing is getting tiring.

Requests from patients for medical records are a routine task for hospitals.  “I went to the hospital and was given a form to fill out for medical records,” said Micki Thoms.

Thoms asked for her records after undergoing surgery at Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point in Hudson, and was told they would be mailed to her.

Days later, the papers arrived in the mail.  As she opened the envelope and began to look through them, she noticed something was not quite right. “I read the first name and it wasn’t mine, and I turned the page and read the second name and it was not mine,” she said.

By the last page, Thoms counted 10 different patient records, complete with social security numbers. None of them were hers.

Read more on ABC.

Did the hospital have policies in effect that required double-checking or verification of pages before they are mailed out? And what will HHS do with this report? Is it time for them to make a public example that some “human error” is really pretty inexcusable at this point?

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